Private Yoga is ideal for facilitating those with special requirements before entering the Mysore room or for people who cannot attend class for one reason or another. Regardless of who I’m teaching I use the Ashtanga Yoga method adapting it to suit the needs of the individual.  This breath based, postural, yoga practice teaches a deeper awareness to the mind-body connection, bringing an overall sense of calm and wellbeing whilst balancing the strength and flexibility of the body.

Private yoga


Price on application.

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Online, at your home or workplace or you can come to a hired space. 

You need only the space of your yoga mat


What People Say

"Corrie Preece used to teach Ashtanga Yoga at my local gym in Marylebone. I used to go in for my work outs and I'd see her practising before her next lesson - she'd be in some impossible pose like the side crow - looked like she was levitating. She made it look easy. Every time I saw what she was doing in her classes, or just warming up, I thought - I'd like to take a class with her - and so I worked up the courage to ask - and I'm so glad I did. That was four years ago - and I've been studying with Corrie on and off ever since. I've never regretted it - my core strength has improved and I feel fitter and more in tune with my body than I've ever been. Corrie Rocks."
Lenny Henry CBE
Actor, Writer, Comedian
"I became interested in yoga in 1996 when I began to suffer from health problems which were eventually diagnosed as severe CFS, mild MS and assorted autonomic dysfunctions. I explored many types of yoga and approaches to practice from then on, often from a therapeutic and restorative standpoint as my health issues affected increasingly what I was able to do. One of the few styles I had not explored was the ashtanga practice, having been put off by the idea that it would be too demanding for my body and by a couple of bad experiences in group classes over the years. Eighteen months ago, I decided I would really like to explore ashtanga and have been working one-to-one with Corrie on a weekly basis since then. Corrie has worked with me patiently, intelligently and intuitively, taking into account my not insignificant health challenges and the way my symptoms can fluctuate from day to day, and I am so grateful to be able to access and experience this wonderful practice in a way that respects both the integrity of the ashtanga teaching and my own physical parameters. I have found many benefits from the practice in everyday terms but in particular I have found new confidence, comfort and pleasure in, and appreciation for, my body which is something that is so important to cultivate for anyone living with chronic health issues. I can't recommend Corrie highly enough."
Charlotte Carnegie
"Although we had been interested in taking up yoga, we had never done so, fearful of not being able to follow what looked like complicated poses without a myriad of classes that we simply didnt have the time for. Paul was also fearful that it would not be good for his hip replacement, fearful it would do more damage than good. How wrong we were. Luckily a friend recommended Corrie and after a few lessons, we both realised the significant value of a teacher that just gets it. Corrie has an amazing way of making each move simple and explaining why it's beneficial. She completely understands how injuries can be helped or hindered by the way you move into and hold a pose and has been a source of encouragement and inspiration to us both. She fits in entirely with our busy routine and we are both great fans. "
Paul & Debbie Hewitt
Company Directors
"I started one-to-one classes with Corrie about a year ago to compliment my daily Mysore Ashtanga Yoga practice. I was suffering from injuries and I realised I needed to learn how to take my practise to the next step while ensuring I do not injure myself any further. I have to say.. since then my practise has not only improved but transformed! Not only does she teach me traditional Asthanga yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath, she also teaches from her own experience – explaining to me the anatomy and the technique of an asana, and the differing but equal strengths of the male and female bodies as well as how to get stronger and how to find the balance between strength and flexibility which is essential for safe practice. Both during her weekend Mysore classes and our one-to-one class she really helps me experience the full potential of my mind and body and her dedication and passion for Ashtanga and its traditions is truly conveyed through her teachings and ethics. I really think it has been a journey since I met Corrie! I cannot recommend her enough."
Marialuisa Gorla