Make sure you let the Corrie know if you have an injuries, are pregnant or have any other special conditions.

Shower before you come to practice.

Eat 2-3 hours before you practise and 40 mins after practice.  Drink up to 20 mins before and 10-20 mins after practice.

Do not drink water during your practice.   Our aim is to build heat in the body and drinking cools the body down.

Leave your phone outside the shala (yoga studio).

If you enter the shala during the chant, it is polite to wait by the door (and join in if you feel to) then, once it has finished, organize your mat and mat  space etc..

Please observe the quiet meditational atmosphere of the shala as you enter and try not to talk during your practise.  There will be plenty of time for conversations afterwards.

If you build a lot of heat in your practice (which is fantastic), wipe your mat down afterwards (there is generally a tea tree cleaning spray in the studio).

Mysore self-practise means it is a traditional class taught in the style of Sri K. Phattabhis Jois and Sharath Jois in Mysore.

Corrie respects the sequence as taught in Mysore by Sharath. We do not  add in extra exercises or use props. If you have an injury and need additional support please let Corrie know and she will facilitate you accordingly.

Warm ups:  Surya Namaskara A and B, is your dynamic warm up designed to prepare your body for the practice. Dynamic stretching is more effective than static stretching. If you have a special condition please speak to Corrie first.

In the Mysore method we practice only up to the pose that we have been given by our teacher.  When our teacher feels we are ready, he/she will teach us our next pose. Note:  If you have more than one teacher, you may be on different poses with each teacher!

It is important to give plenty of time for a full finishing sequence. If you are short of time do less seated poses, in order to do all of the finishing. Savasana the resting pose (lying supine on the floor) is a very important/healing part of the practise, designed to cool our bodies down and ground our energy, give yourself plenty of time for relaxation here, 10 minutes is ideal.